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Dana Wohlwend, Owner


Sioux Falls Food Tours was founded in 2017 and welcomed seasoned tour guide, Dana Wohlwend, as the new owner in 2019!

From Dana:

"I got involved in Sioux Falls Food Tours by responding to an ad for a tour guide.  Little did I know that a part-time gig would turn into me owning the business!  

I LOVE food!  I love cooking it, eating it, learning about it.  I LOVE the Sioux Falls food scene!  I look for every new restaurant/bar/brewery and I want to try everything.  I LOVE people.  Getting to know people and learning about their stories is so exciting and interesting.  Amazingly, I have a business that combines all of my passions into one.

My hope is that because of Sioux Falls Food Tours I can bring attention to the little known places that everyone should know.  I want to build up the small business operators that make Sioux Falls such a gem!  I want to attract people to Sioux Falls and show them that we are more than a meat and potatoes community.  I want to provide an amazing adventure for your taste buds that combines good food, good drink and good company.  So join me and find out what you have been missing!"