A Taste of Italy in Sioux Falls

Life is combination of magic and pasta.
— Frederico Fellini

Homemade pasta noodles chilling out. 

We held a private food tour a few nights ago...in our kitchen. What can I say? Sometimes you go to the food, sometimes the food comes to you.

So, yes, after coming back from two weeks of vacation in Italy we made...Italian food. I can't help it, it's just all my favorite things. 

So I busted out some authentic pasta noodles while my husband crafted a fresh tomato sauce. To be clear, by "fresh" I mean he literally starts with whole tomatoes and ends with the beautiful sauce you see in the photo...amazing. 

The completed dish. Would you like some pasta with that parmesan?

Of course, none of it counts without ridiculous amounts of parmigiano reggiano, right? Oh, and fresh basil. I think all we were missing was the scenery, a live accordion player, and the endless stream of peddlers trying to sell us a selfie stick...

So while Sioux Falls doesn't quite have the same views, we do have some seriously awesome local places to track down ingredients for this. (Also, I should note, I'd include recipes for all these things, but we just kind of wing it. So contact me if you're serious about this pasta thing.)

Thank you to all of the following local businesses for providing what we needed to close our eyes and pretend we were back in Tuscany for another night:

Salumi & cheese from Look's Market

1. Look's Market for the gorgeous cured meat and cheese
2. Tomatoes and smiles from The Co-op Natural Foods 
3. Eggs, produce, and herbs from Caselli's Market Garden 
4. Sourdough and inspiration from Breadico di Napolitano
5. Barbera D'Asti wine: GoodSpirits Fine Wine & Liquor

Sooo... if anyone wants a pasta making session, just let me know. I'm always game. Or better yet, let's go to Italy.