Remedy Brewing Company


The newest addition to the Sioux Falls' brewery scene gives us another [crazy-obvious] reason to drink local.

I love seeing locally owned businesses open in Sioux Falls. It's even better when there is beer involved. But it's even better when their beer is fantastic.

Enter Remedy Brewing Company. 

Remedy Brewing Company inside view (obviously) 

Located at 8th and Railroad, Remedy is situated (mostly) in the middle of the boardwalk. If you are up on the craft beer scene in Sioux Falls, you have probably stopped in already. But for those that don't "get out much" or find yourself - like I sometimes do - stuck in a pretty normal swing of places, I'm here to tempt you into this delightful, warm, inviting brewery.

I'm a sucker for good design...and places that seemingly invite a good book and a beer to be friends. 

Brewery space. What a gorgeous view. 

Owned, operated, and brewed by Matt Hastad, Jason Davenport, and Tyler Jepperson, what's obvious about the Remedy team is that they put in a lot - a lot - of attention to detail. The atmosphere, seating, service, and even down to filling the brewery chalk full of hops, I could go on. But another integrity move (in my opinion) is their food menu: a collaboration with none other than their neighbor - and culinary destination in itself - K Restaurant

Ok, then there's the beer. 

When we arrived, there were four Remedy beers on tap, all showing dangerously low in their keg. So we crossed our fingers while waiting in line and also checked out the nicely curated selection of other local and regional craft beer.

Thankfully, all four beers were still on tap by the time we made our way to the bar. So here's what I can attest to (the research I had to do for's the burden I bear):

Quick reminder:
ABV = Alcohol By Volume
IBU = International Bitterness Unit (you can learn more on IBUs here)

1. Espina Mexican Lager

ABV: 4.3% IBU: 12. Your easy drinking, delicious lager. Low alcohol, clean, crisp, hints of hops. Pairs nicely with this.  

2. Sacking of York English Pale Ale

ABV: 6.5% IBU: 38. Balanced flavors, creamy mouthfeel, and a oh-so-pleasant end (unlike the actual sacking of York I imagine..).  

3. Nonsense IPA

ABV: 7.6% IBU: 85. Lovely IPA. Hops driven without over doing it. Bright citrus and bitters, sweet undertones. 

4. Cow Tippah Sweet Stout

ABV: 6.3% IBU: 39. First, let's just enjoy the name for a moment... ok, now we can talk about how we should probably have this beer for dessert all the time. If you're a stout fan, this heavy, sweet, smooth-as-butter stout will not disappoint, and may leave you spouting your best cow-tipping tales to anyone who will believe you. 

Remedy offers 5 oz. pours as well as full pours, so full enjoyment won't cost you a cab ride home. 

(Not a beer drinker? Fret not! They also offer a variety of Calico Skies wines.)

It's also notable that they open everyday at 11:00 am. (Yes, even Mondays - the dreaded downtown dearth of a day if there is one...) So if you haven't made it down to Remedy yet, pick a day, any day, and head on over. And if you want a little further insight into the makings of Remedy, I'll leave you with their awesome video to further entice you...



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